Nursing Chair - Rattan

This challenging restoration has given this Nursing chair a new lease of life.
Finished Nursing Chair Front
Finished Nursing Chair Front
Finished Nursing Chair Back

This Rattan / cane Nuring chair was in a very poor state.

The back of the frame was broken and the rattan was brittle and had deteriorated to an un-usable state.

It has taken us over 60 hours of work to get this to the current beautiful, tactile and practical chair.

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If you have any further questions or have a Rattan piece of furniture that needs repairing please contact us for an estimate.

Guide price for Rattan repair is £1 per hole. (The rattan is threaded through holes in the frame. Count these up to get a guide price)

Additional fees are applied for cleaning out original rattan, any other refurbishment or treatment, complexity and materials.