Following a successful exhibition at the Harbour Cottage in Kirkcudbright I had an e-mail from a lady with the title 'MOUSE HOUSE'.

She wanted a display unit for her felt creatures. 

The process in pictures:

Mouse house sections Mouse House proped together Mouse House 1st placement Mouse House rough idea

The timber is some oak burr which has been planed & cut so that they fit to make a corner unit. The space for a stairway has been cut out and the supporting 'pillar' for the stairway placed at the back.

The plan is to have a light fitted at the top to light down through the stairway..

Everything has been sanded through the grits, down to 240. But I expect it will have further sanding as we go.

The next challenge is to make the steps for the stairs, then try it roughly in situ before putting it all together.

A visit to the customer has confirmed the final measurements and the assembly can be started.

Mouse House Shelf brackets Mouse House assembly 1 Mouse House Assembly 2 Mouse House dome light Mouse House Dome from above

Stairs made and placed in position. Forma made to fit in the base so that the stairs can be taken away if not needed.

Mouse House Stairs being made Mouse House Stairs placed in situ Mouse House Sections finished Mouse House Sections

 Finished in the workshop

 Mouse House Stairs Detail 1  Mouse House Stairs Detail 2  Mouse House Finished in workshop 1  Mouse House Finished workshop 2

Finished in Situ. Very happy customer

Mouse House in situ 2 Mouse House in situ 3