Back in September 2016 we were contacted by a company in Glasgow looking for someone to turn 3 large conical legs.

Dimensions were provided and once we had confirmed that our lathe would take the size required, the Forma's were organised for delivery.

Here are the before and after photos:

Leg2 Tony working on centring photo 3

The pictures above are of the forma being centred for mounting on the lathe And the 3 Legs in situ at the London Design Museum.

We were provide with a template, which we produced a copy of so that we could break it down into.

The first phase of work was done on the work bench with a chainsaw and then on the lathe with a Lancerlot blade. (Disc Chainsaw)

To get rid of the majority of the excess wood.

Then the real work of turning began. 6 weeks later we had all 3 legs back on the pallets, finished in a danish oil and polished.

Here is the process in pictures:

Leg1 Centre established Face plate on Leg1 Trimming to fit lathe Leg1 Balanced ready for 1st spin Leg2 shaping
Using Lancerlot Spike Turning Turning up close Sectional Template
Leg sanded ready for 1st Oil Leg1 1st coat of oil ready to take off lathe Leg1 on the bench bottom to be sanded Leg1 2 final polish ready for pick up

The Pictures below were taken by Customers/Friends Visiting The London Design Museum in January 2017

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4 photo 5