Finished - Index Modular Cabinet

25 draw Golden oak Index modular Cabinet Unit.
Solid Oak throughout, even down to the draw stops.
Approximately 107cm high x 100cm wide x 39cm deep.

Index Cabinet P1 Index Cabinet P2 Index Cabinet p3 Index Cabinet p4


Initial investigations indicate the piece could be 1920s/30s……
Each draw has a brass label holder in a fine ‘Art Deco’ style.
The pull tabs have the makers initials, K&J embossed upon them.

The piece can readily – without tools – be arranged in five or fewer sub units.
It is very adaptable and versatile.
A section could be used on a counter top whilst the other sections could be a coffee table or just as they are, stacked in a suitable room for use with CD’s, DVD’s or even bottles of wine.

More than 50 hours have been lovingly, empathetically, invested in this piece; mostly by highly skilled staff.
This truly is a piece of original craftsmanship and now restored to its former glory for those that appreciate quality in all it’s guises.

Please contact us if you are interested in a viewing.

Project History:

Index filing cabinet had been used as a tool box in someones rather damp workshop. 

Work has started on this modular filing cabinet. All the draw furniture has been removed, cleaned and polished.

The non-original plywood bottom & partitions removed. Everything has been sanded down and its had it's first coat of Danish oil.

Index Filing cabinet Index Filing cabinet draws Index filing cabinet draws WIP

This is the next phase. All lightly sanded and a 2nd coat of Danish oil added.  

Index cabinet ph 2 .1 Index Cabinet Ph2.2