• Inception:
Back in mid- 2012 We were approached by Threave Gardens, to see what could be done to save the National Trust student built Mushroom Shelter. 
The original roof made of heather and steel was in a poor state with dying heather and rusty metalwork. The bench underneath made of ply and metal was not much better.
The assessment highlighted the unsafe nature of the roof and so the rotten timber along with the heather was removed. 
Original Mushroom shelter
• The Design Stage. November 2013 – March 2014:
Late in 2013, We were given the go ahead to refurbish the shelter.
After another year exposed to the elements, the metalwork on both the roof and the bench had deteriorated. It was apparent that the existing metalwork would not be strong enough, in its rusty state, or that it would support the new wood and shingle.
A new roof was commissioned and outline plans were draw up.
• Off site build stage. March – April 2014:The bench had been removed to the workshop where the process of refurbishment began.
The old ply was discarded and several 2 inch thick elm planks were cut to size on the metal frame.
The pictures below show the Work In Progress in the workshop and the finished bench in situ.
  •  Bench WIP in Workshop  Bench Ready to go to site Bench in place  Bench in place 1 

    • Off site build stage. March – April 2014: Continued with the metal framework for the roof.

    Roof section

    • On site build stage. April – 2nd June 2014:

    The site was cleared and prepared with the removal of the old metalwork. The new roof structure was welded and concreted securely.

    Then the final task of putting together this enormous timber ‘jigsaw puzzle’ began.

    The entire wooden framework had been prepared, the marine ply and sterling board cut to rough size and painted, and rows 1 to 14 of cedar shingles cut to appropriate angle/size and bundled for transport to site.

     Shelter with ply  Shelter with some stirling board

     Shelter 1st rows of shingles

    The work was completed with the addition of a Large Turned Mushroom on the top and the Grand Opening of the Mushroom Shelter was arranged.
  • Mushroom Shelter Finished